Peter Hirshberg
Cofounder & Chairman

marcia kadanoff

Marcia Kadanoff
Cofounder & CEO

Maker City® works with cities and towns and the private sector to create new forms of civic innovation, economic development, and ultimately transformation. Headed up by Peter Hirshberg and Marcia Kadanoff, the firm acts as a catalyst to public-private partnerships, builds thought leadership for companies interested in providing local leadership, and helps drive more intelligent investment strategies.

Clients include: McClatchy Company, the largest local newspaper franchise in the U.S., building data infrastructure to accelerate the switch to renewable energy, and with and an Opportunity Zone Fund still in stealth mode as it raises $250M. Previously, we worked with and advised Transloc on how to grow their on-demand mobility business, which resulted in the sale of the company to Ford Motors.

In 2016, we wrote the book on the Maker City in conjunction with the Obama White House and its Office of Science and Technology Policy. The book – entitled Maker City: A Practical Guide to Reinventing American Cities – went on to become a bestseller in the entrepreneurship and urban & regional planning categories on Amazon.

We Wrote the Book

On how cities and towns can start taking back their future through new forms of civic engagement and economic development.

We called it “Maker City: A Practical Guide for Reinventing American Cities” (2018) and it became a best seller. You can read the book online on Medium. Or better yet, buy it on Amazon.

Theory of Change


Work With And For Cities and Towns

We are experts at convening city leaders, thought leaders, and national experts, to open up city leaders to new ways of thinking about civic engagement and economic development.

Leverage Community Leaders & Ecosystem Builders

Our work underlines the fact that transformation must involve the entire ecosystem (public, private, nonprofit) in the community


We help connect cities and towns with innovative companies and nonprofits that can provide unique expertise in workforce development, entrepreneurship, and ecosystem development. Our goal in making these connections is to help cities and towns accelerate change


Innovative programs need to be codified so that best practices and learning can be shared

Measure Results

Measure results by leveraging partnerships with best-in-class data partners

Our Partners


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