Maker City: A practical guide to reinventing our cities

Below you’ll find resources that we mentioned in each chapter plus additional resources that we felt could be of help in building out or strengthening the Maker City.

Chapter 1: Introduction

To assess the competitive standing of your city:

  • City Alliances: to assess the competitive standing of the city: Strategic Frameworks
  • Kauffman Foundation: to better understand entrepreneurial cities and their Unique Value Propositions
  • Kauffman Foundation: Data on startups and entrepreneurship that can help you understand where you city sits in a competitive context

Chapter 2: The Maker movement and Cities

To delve more deeply into Maker dynamics in cities:

Chapter 3: Ecosystems

To better understand or define your local Maker Ecosystem:

Additional resources:

Maker Survey Reports:

Chapter 4: Education

Chapter 5: Workforce and Economic Development

Chapter 6: Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing as a Service:


Urban Manufacturing:

Hardware Accelerators


Chapter 7: Real Estate

Chapter 8: Civic Engagement

Chapter 9: Conclusion

To download the Institute for the Future Open Cities map:
Open Cities Map

For more views of the future:


Other Resources of Interest

Here are a few definitive studies about the Maker movement and Maker Cities: