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Maker City: A practical guide to reinventing our cities

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Maker City: A practical guide to reinventing our cities
By Peter Hirshberg, Dale Dougherty, Marcia Kadanoff

Maker City is designed to help activists and city leaders understand the Maker movement and the impact it is having on economic opportunity: ecosystem development, education, advanced manufacturing, workforce development, and real estate.

The book is based on interviews completed with 50 thought leaders and practitioners who work at the forefront of the Maker movement in around 20+ cities.

The book busts wide open the myth that urban manufacturing is dead or dying. Showcases where manufacturing is growing and how to prepare a nation of makers the next wave of economic opportunity.

Here’s what the respected author James Fallows of The Atlantic had to say about this book:

“This is a wonderfully specific and useful book about one of the most promising economic and social trends in America. The positive prospects that Peter Hirschberg, Dale Dougherty, and Marcia Kadanoff lay out closely match what I have seen in cities across the country. And the spirit of resilient adaptability that they portray, including with practical steps on fostering it, will be an important part in the next stage of U.S. economic growth.”

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Manufacturing inside our cities is undergoing a renaissance. Don’t believe the rhetoric that manufacturing jobs inside our cities are gone forever. Read the book Maker City at #makercity

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Over 50% of the jobs available require skills “in the middle”. Is your city a Maker City, with the resources needed to prepare its residents for these jobs. Find out. Read the book Maker City at #makercity

Maker skills are in demand in today’s economy. Head to your nearest makerspace to learn more or buy the book Maker City at #makercity

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James Fallows from the Atlantic loves the Maker City book. Buy the book today on Amazon at #makercity

Mark Hatch, Founder and former CEO of TechShop calls Maker City a “must read”. Buy the book today on Amazon at #makercity

Kate Sofis, Founder and ED of SFMade and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance says the book is full of clear and rich examples on how cities can harness the Maker movement. Buy the book today on Amazon at #makercity

President Obama believes strongly in the maker movement as a way to create jobs and lasting opportunity. To learn more buy the book Maker City #makercity