How do I apply for a microgrant?

To apply for a microgrant, please fill out the application found here. The deadline to apply for a microgrant is June 1, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Do I have to be associated with or a member of the Nation of Makers to apply?

No. We encourage any organizations that support makers to apply!

I’ve never held a Town Hall before. Should I still apply?

Yes! Communities that have not previously hosted a Maker Town Hall before, and smaller cities/towns/communities just getting started in building their Maker City ecosystem are encouraged to apply for these microgrants.

When will you decide who gets the microgrants?

Regions chosen to receive microgrants will be announced during the National Week of Making (June 16-22, 2017).

How much money in total will you be awarding?

Nation of Makers, with support from Cognizant and in partnership with the Maker City Project, is awarding up to ten (10) microgrants ranging from $500-$1,000 to support the development, execution, and outcomes of Maker Town Halls across the country. In total, we do not anticipate awarding more than $10,000 in funds.

Will I be getting the grant before the Town Hall or afterwards?

Funds will be awarded after the 2017 National Week of Making, and prior to your Town Hall.

When do I need to make my Town Hall happen to qualify for a microgrant?

Grantees are expected to hold their Maker Town Halls within nine (9) months of the announcement (no later than March 16, 2018).

Do I have to call this a Town Hall or can I name my event something else?

We recognize that the term “Town Hall” has a specific connotation to many, and as such, we do not have restrictions on your event being termed a “summit”, “convening”, or other name. It is important to us, however, that whatever name you choose, it is inclusive and promotes and reflects an interactive discussion amongst the gathered stakeholders.

What are the expectations/grant requirements?

  • Grantees must have active 501(c)(3) status (either individually or through a fiscal sponsor) and be in good standing with the IRS.
  • Grantees are expected to create an Organizing/Planning committee for the event, and to utilize community and other existing resources to leverage the funds provided.
  • Please note, grantees that receive funding may receive partial or full funding of their request.
  • All Town Hall events should be held within nine (9) months of announcement March 16, 2018).
  • Any grant funds that remain unused after the primary Town Hall may be used for follow up events/convenings; however, funds cannot be used for expenses unrelated to the activities proposed.
  • Grantees will share information about their Maker Town Hall within the first six (6) months after the event in the following 3 (three) ways:
  1. By writing an article detailing the event to be featured on the Nation of Makers Medium publication and potentially other media outlets

  2. By open sourcing the agenda, planning documents, and feedback that could be helpful to other cities/regions that want to plan their own Maker Town Halls
  3. By providing a briefing about the event during a subsequent community call and/or Nation of Makers convening

What is the selection criteria?

The selection criteria for microgrant award is be based on several different factors which include:

  • Clarity of goals and plans for the Maker Town Hall
  • Depth of post-event plans
  • Diversity of community stakeholders involved (in background, sector, geography, etc.)
  • Geographical diversity
  • Community need

I operate through the fiscal sponsorship of another nonprofit (501 3c). Am I eligible for the microgrant program?


How do I know if my Mayor will be supportive of a Town Hall in my city or town?

Great question. One hundred Mayors raised their hands in response to a call-to-action put out by the Obama administration in 2014. You can see whether your city or town was involved in this initiative by going to this site.