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International Maker Challenge – UAE

By November 12, 2018January 31st, 2019No Comments

Calling all Makers – join the UAE Global Challenge

While UN Delegates were in NYC preparing for its week-long summit, the UAE was in New York gathering innovators from around the world to announce their global challenge: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity. The Initiative is based on solving the hard problems, in the words of Bin Rashid: The ones that no one country can solve alone.

Sustainable Energy. Digital Divide and Digital Literacy. Rural Transformation and Zero Hunger. Sustainable Cities.

Solving these problems is critical toward creating a future world where we all prosper. Imagine: No hunger. A planet that is not about to implode. Every human on the planet with the same digital access and ability to use it. Cities wherein each resident knows that they are part of something bigger, and yet they can impact positive change in their local city, town or village.The Global Maker Challenge invites Makers worldwide to join theironline, open innovation platform. Here lives the collaborative competition for start-ups, makers, and entrepreneurs to solve one of several real-world problems. By applying a design-thinking approach, innovative Makers can work to accelerate manufactured solutions from ideas to impact.

Creating a worldwide platform to bring the Maker Community together to solve social problems is a welcome addition to the Maker Community. In general, we find that Makers by nature tend to be collaborative, pro-social, connected people. The pride they take in their creations and innovations, and often using them to help build local economies is only the beginning. Makers who win the Global Challenge will do so because their solutions will positively contribute to the well-being of our world while fostering the values of resilience, community, harmony and dignity

The event in NYC was the launch of the Challenge. It started with a video that introduced some heartbreaking footage of poverty-stricken areas where both food and medicine are scarce. Starvation. Plenty of disease, but no medicine. Polluted air. Polluted water. A version of our planet that we generally prefer not to see. And the message was clear. We need to solve this. And no one country can do it alone. The hardest problems are the ones that take collaboration across borders, across oceans, and across industries.

We are proud announce that we are partners with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity. The Initiative offers $1M USD in prizes for the best solutions. Awards will be announced in 2019 at the GMIS Summit in Russia in July.

We hope that you all take a close look at the Challenges and decide to throw your hat in the ring. Go to the web site. Think and collaborate. Solve!

“We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.”

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum


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